Mission 100% is an online video library and platform, with over 900 short, targeted observation clips from real classrooms that highlight best teaching practices. The platform encourages staff collaboration, study, practice and implementation in order to drive student results.

We also love helping individual schools and networks to begin building their own libraries, both with custom filming projects as well as consulting. Please contact us for more information!

What 100% Means to Me

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What Do We Do

Film Incredible Teachers & Schools.

We define ‘incredible’ by the results teachers get from their students. Consistently. We are then able to analyze actions and mindsets that lead to these results.

We find, travel and discover great teachers constantly. We also partner with networks and organizations to design and develop their own custom filming projects.

Highlight Strategies & Best Practices.

Next we take all this raw footage and spend days and weeks watching, analyzing and editing it down into short (1-3 minute) video clips.

Replicate Awesome.

Clips are then organized and tagged with the Framework for 100%, making it easy for you to search and find the exact clips that will most benefit the growth of your teachers. We also tag with other frameworks while collaborating with schools and organizations who are working to build their own libraries using our platform.

Framework For 100%

Our Framework is how we communicate around the best practices we see both in classrooms and in our footage. We did not create many of these terms, as brilliant educators have been collectively developing this language for many years.

See below for the five ‘Big Buckets’, as well as the categories and tags that fall within each. You can find a full Framework for browsing inside the Mission 100% library. Check it out.

Instruction Classroom Management Culture Teacher Development School Leadership
  • Planning
  • Content
  • Instruction
  • Execution
  • Rigor
  • Questioning
  • Systems & Routines
  • Carrots
  • Addressing Behavior
  • Student Culture
  • Classroom Culture
  • Character Development
  • Student Mindset
  • Staff Culture
  • Teacher Mindset
  • Building Relationships
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Rookie Training
  • Professional Development
  • Data Meetings
  • Observations
  • Staff Communication
  • Team Building
  • Morale
  • Parent Communication
  • Student Management

Keep Improving

Jan 23, 2015

Janice Smith

In last week's Video of the Week we looked at 'Culture of Error', from Doug Lemov's new Teach Like a Champion 2.0.  This week, we have another example of how that culture, and a growth mindset, is built over time, one conversation at a time.  In fact, this is how most character development is taught, considering that every student is going to learn different lessons at different times.  Most likely when we as teachers find that perfect teachable moment and capitalize on it.*


Culture of Error

Jan 19, 2015

Janice Smith

We can only imagine that many of you reading this are as excited about the recent release of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 as we are.  In fact, our's arrived just last week and we've since spent much of our free time reading, studying and comparing notes with what we've been using since 2010 with version 1.0.


Beliefs First

Jan 10, 2015

Janice Smith

Over the past year and a half we've visited a lot of schools, and observed a lot of teachers in action.  And while we get asked often what our biggest takeaways are, for a while now we've avoided the question.  With so many factors at play, how can we really be sure exactly what it was that EVERY teacher and school had in common?


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