Mission 100% has created an online video library of over 900 short, targeted clips that highlight best practices ranging from Instruction to Classroom Management to School Culture. Yet Mission 100% is not a solution; we are a conversation starter. We are not an answer; we ask way too many questions. We are a mindset. The desire to constantly grow, and the recognition that we haven’t figured it out- yet. A hunch that a great education for every child can solve even the biggest of problems. And the deep belief that 100% have the potential for greatness. And that it’s our job to get them there.

What 100% Means to Me

Video example: Using Momentum

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What Do We Do?

We believe video can be a game changer in closing gaps between schools by showing what's possible for all students. It helps us know how high the bar should be, and presents it in a way that challenges us to learn, grow and replicate.

Film Incredible Teachers & Schools.

We define 'incredible' by the results teachers get from their students. Consistently. By selecting high-performing schools, with proven student results, we are able to analyze the actions and mindsets that lead to these results.

Highlight Strategies & Best Practices.

Next we take all this raw footage and spend days and weeks watching, analyzing and editing it down into short (1-3 minutes) video clips.

Replicate Awesome.

We know what's happening in these classrooms is not magic or luck. It's a product of hard work, critical thought, and disciplined reflection. Clips are tagged and organized in alignment with the Framework for 100%, making it easy for you to search and find the exact clips that will most benefit the growth of your teachers. In addition, brilliant teachers and experts have developed Professional Development Modules (or mini-courses) for us, providing teachers exactly the guidance they need for meaningful self study, reflection and practice that lead to effective implementation.

Framework For 100%

In order to maximize the impact of video captured from high performing schools, we recognize the importance of using a common language around best practices. We did not create many of these terms, as brilliant educators have been collectively developing this language for many years. We have, however, tweaked in places we found names missing for common techniques we were seeing in the videos we collected. These tags are not limited to instruction, but extend to the five ‘Big Buckets’ that we consider essential for a school to become truly excellent.

Within each bucket we continue to narrow down skills so they become concrete, replicable, and teachable. This allows seemingly difficult and complex skills to be accessed by educators at all levels. Additionally, the Framework for 100% allows educators to strategically target smaller skills and videos within our large video library, that collectively will maximize growth for both teachers and leaders.

Instruction Classroom Management Culture Teacher Development School Leadership
  • Planning
  • Content
  • Instruction
  • Execution
  • Rigor
  • Questioning
  • Systems & Routines
  • Carrots
  • Addressing Behavior
  • Student Culture
  • Classroom Culture
  • Character Development
  • Student Mindset
  • Staff Culture
  • Teacher Mindset
  • Building Relationships
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Rookie Training
  • Professional Development
  • Data Meetings
  • Observations
  • Staff Communication
  • Team Building
  • Morale
  • Parent Communication
  • Student Management

Happy Holidays from Mission 100%

Dec 14, 2014

Janice Smith

It should come as no surprise that the best way we know how to express our feelings is through video.  So take a second and celebrate with us, as we quickly look back at all the incredible schools, teachers and students we have been lucky enough to spend the last year with.  It is with so much gratitude and appreciation that we send along our very best to everyone this holiday season.


#Get Specific

Dec 8, 2014

Janice Smith

There's a big difference between a 'Great job', and really specific positive narration.  We believe the latter is important for several reasons, and this week's Video of the Week is a compilation of moments from Samantha Thomas's Kindergarten classroom at Cornerstone Prep in San Jose.


Earn vs. Get

Nov 30, 2014

Janice Smith

My first year of teaching I was constantly corrected every time I used the word 'get' in my classroom.  "If we're all really focused today, you'll get to watch a short clip at the end of class."  Every time I used the word 'get' I was corrected that they weren't getting anything, they were EARNING it.  Small semantic detail, big difference in the way students viewed the connection between their choices and the resulting action.  You work hard and study hard, you earn an A.  You don't get anything.


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