Mission 100% is an online video library and platform, with over 2,000 short, targeted observation clips from real classrooms that highlight best teaching practices. We believe that practice based teacher development is the most efficient and effective way to develop great teachers, but relies on clear exemplars to calibrate the bar high, and provide teachers with clear desired outcomes.

We also love partnering with schools and networks to begin building their own libraries. Please contact us for more information!

What 100% Means to Me

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What Do We Do

Film Incredible Teachers & Schools.

We define ‘incredible’ by the results teachers get from their students. Consistently. We are then able to analyze actions and mindsets that lead to these results.

We find and capture these teachers by partnering with schools, networks and districts who are eager to codify best practices internally.

Highlight Strategies & Best Practices.

Next we take all this raw footage and spend days and weeks watching, analyzing and editing it down into short (1-3 minute) video clips.

When partnering with schools and networks this saves them a lot of hard work, while also allowing us to build a diverse library of teachers from across the country.

Replicate Awesome.

Clips are then organized and tagged on our platform, built for easy communication, collaboration, and organization. We believe this is a crucial part of using video in teaching training, making it easy to implement into current coaching practices.

Framework For 100%

Our Framework is how we communicate around the best practices we see both in classrooms and in our footage. We did not create many of these terms, as brilliant educators have been collectively developing this language for many years. We also recognize that many schools and networks have developed their own frameworks, which can be used on Mission 100% to tag and organize any videos uploaded within your network.

You can find a full Framework for browsing inside the Mission 100% library. Check it out.

Instruction Classroom Management Culture Teacher Development School Leadership
  • Planning
  • Content
  • Instruction
  • Execution
  • Rigor
  • Questioning
  • Systems & Routines
  • Carrots
  • Addressing Behavior
  • Student Culture
  • Classroom Culture
  • Character Development
  • Student Mindset
  • Staff Culture
  • Teacher Mindset
  • Building Relationships
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Rookie Training
  • Professional Development
  • Data Meetings
  • Observations
  • Staff Communication
  • Team Building
  • Morale
  • Parent Communication
  • Student Management

Data Driven Instruction (Practice)

Feb 21, 2017

Janice Smith

Last May we featured a collection of videos about data driven instruction, focused on the mindset and theory behind the practice.  In Part 1 (a collection titled 'Data Driven Instruction: Theory') we focused on the mindset behind data driven instruction.  What teachers are thinking about as they plan for how to collect data, what do they do once they have the data, how do they communicate this transparently to students and families, and ultimately how they use this data to push all students towards mastery. You can still find those videos featured in the library in a collection called Data Driven


Scaffolded Questioning

Feb 14, 2017

Janice Smith

Two things I think about a lot when observing teachers and classrooms are 1) Ratio and 2) Questioning.  Ultimately, a lot of other techniques we look at related to classroom management, systems & routines, and even building relationships with students and families are all ways to help us maximize instructional time in our classroom, and student investment in the instruction given during that time.  And when it comes to instruction time, the things I'm often thinking about are:


When Students Do The Modeling

Feb 6, 2017

Janice Smith

This week's clip comes to you from Colleen Henry's classroom at KIPP Austin Arts & Letters.  First of all, Ms. Henry's classroom is one of those rooms you want to sit in all day, because there are so many great takeaways.  It's clear she's been doing this for awhile, most notably by the way her room runs like a well-oiled machine, allowing her to focus almost all her energy and attention on rigorous instruction.  While you should definitely watch this clip we've selected, you may also want to head to the Library to watch some of her other clips.


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