Mission 100% is an online video library and platform, with over 1,200 short, targeted observation clips from real classrooms that highlight best teaching practices. We believe that practice based teacher development is the most efficient and effective way to develop great teachers, but relies on clear exemplars to calibrate the bar high, and provide teachers with clear desired outcomes.

We also love partnering with schools and networks to begin building their own libraries. Please contact us for more information!

What 100% Means to Me

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What Do We Do

Film Incredible Teachers & Schools.

We define ‘incredible’ by the results teachers get from their students. Consistently. We are then able to analyze actions and mindsets that lead to these results.

We find and capture these teachers by partnering with schools, networks and districts who are eager to codify best practices internally.

Highlight Strategies & Best Practices.

Next we take all this raw footage and spend days and weeks watching, analyzing and editing it down into short (1-3 minute) video clips.

When partnering with schools and networks this saves them a lot of hard work, while also allowing us to build a diverse library of teachers from across the country.

Replicate Awesome.

Clips are then organized and tagged on our platform, built for easy communication, collaboration, and organization. We believe this is a crucial part of using video in teaching training, making it easy to implement into current coaching practices.

Framework For 100%

Our Framework is how we communicate around the best practices we see both in classrooms and in our footage. We did not create many of these terms, as brilliant educators have been collectively developing this language for many years. We also recognize that many schools and networks have developed their own frameworks, which can be used on Mission 100% to tag and organize any videos uploaded within your network.

You can find a full Framework for browsing inside the Mission 100% library. Check it out.

Instruction Classroom Management Culture Teacher Development School Leadership
  • Planning
  • Content
  • Instruction
  • Execution
  • Rigor
  • Questioning
  • Systems & Routines
  • Carrots
  • Addressing Behavior
  • Student Culture
  • Classroom Culture
  • Character Development
  • Student Mindset
  • Staff Culture
  • Teacher Mindset
  • Building Relationships
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Rookie Training
  • Professional Development
  • Data Meetings
  • Observations
  • Staff Communication
  • Team Building
  • Morale
  • Parent Communication
  • Student Management

Closing the Loop

Nov 16, 2015

Janice Smith

This idea of 'closing the loop', or circling back to students after we've issued a consequence or corrected a behavior, is one we've seen play out in many ways.  We love this clip because first and foremost it shows the mindset behind WHY closing the loop is so important.  We then see an example of one way Mr. Bray does this in his classroom, circling back to applaud a student during a quick behavior check mid-class.


Starting Strong

Nov 9, 2015

Janice Smith

In last week's Video of the Week, we shared a piece of Ms. Merritt's process for providing feedback on her student's AP Essays, and we introduced you to the Mission 100% Collection which featured a clip for each part of her process.  This week we're featuring another Collection, but this time we'll be looking at the Do Now, or how to start class off strong.  This 1:00 clip comes from Ms. Cirino's 8th grade Do Now at Henderson Collegiate, who happens to be top of mind this week, as we were able to visit and update our footage of their teachers last week.  As always,


Brilliant Quotes

Nov 2, 2015

Janice Smith

Writing is something that is important to every teacher, regardless of content.  It is perhaps one of the most important skills we can leave our students with, hand-in-hand with the critical thinking it takes to write well.  Yet it is something our students often struggle with.  A lot.  So several months ago we were pumped to share our first clip from Samantha Merritt's AP English classroom, specifically taking a look at how intentionally she provides feedback to students on their essays before they make revisions and improvements.


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