Addressing Misbehavior

Apr 17, 2017 | by Janice Smith

Minor misbehavior (and the best ways to address it), is something we get asked about a lot here at Mission 100%.  That’s likely because video examples tend to be most helpful for newer teachers, and minor misbehavior is something a lot of us deal with in our early years of teaching.  That said, it’s a tricky one to capture on video for several reasons:

1. When filming at schools, we tend to film in some of the highest performing classrooms.  This often means they are classrooms where there is less minor misbehavior happening. Though let’s be honest, we all deal with minor misbehavior.  So let’s move on to points #2 and #3…

2. We often see great teachers addressing minor misbehavior proactively; setting clear expectations, teaching and reinforcing clear systems & routines, and building strong relationships with both students and their parents.  It is the same reason we believe the best classroom management strategies are illustrated in ‘Preventing Misbehavior‘ clips rather than in ‘Responding to Misbehavior‘ clips.

3. We have 1-2 cameras in their classroom.  Let’s be honest- while we’re filming great teachers, whose classrooms likely look just like this on your average day, it is still true that students are less likely to misbehave in a situation where they know they’re being filmed.

That said, we have been able to capture some examples of addressing misbehavior, and have built a new Collection in the Mission 100% video library called ‘Minor Misbehavior‘.  As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with thoughts, question, feedback and requests!  You can find me at

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