AP Essay Revisions

Jul 31, 2015 | by Janice Smith

AP Essay Revisions

Samantha Merritt, YES Prep East End

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about data in the past, but today’s use of data looks a little bit different.  We LOVE the amount of feedback we saw teachers giving students while visiting YES Prep, especially in the ELA classrooms.  Specific, supportive & critical feedback was everywhere, both verbally and in writing.  (We specifically highlighted this in Erica Lapen’s 8th grade room a couple months ago).  This week we’re looking at an AP class, where Ms. Merritt does the same thing.  The day we filmed was only a week before the exam, and students spent the period working on revising their last AP essay using the feedback they were given.

While each student did receive individual feedback, what we’re spotlighting here is the way she used class data from this round of essays to highlight their growth in specific areas, and to identify class weaknesses and areas they need to focus.  This clip is clip #4 from a Collection we’ve created called AP Essay Revisions.  It’s public, so feel free to visit and view the rest to get a wholistic picture of the lesson!


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