Assuming the Best (Part 2)

Nov 16, 2014 | by Janice Smith

We don’t typically do 2-part series in our Video of the Week emails, but this week’s an exception.  (If you missed last week’s, you can find it HERE).  Last week we talked about Assuming the Best with students, and we saw an example from Mr. Allen related to content.  This week, we’ve got another short clip from Mr. Allen during this year’s New Student Orientation, but this one’s related to behavior.  Take a second to watch, check out what we loved most, and add anything we’re missing in the comments below!

What We Loved Most…

  • As soon as he asked for an answer and students responded verbally he addressed it.  But almost immediately after correcting the behavior, he stepped back and reflected on his directions, and how they might have led to the confusion about the best way to answer.
  • He also modeled humility in his response, openly ownning that his directions weren’t clear and he was going to take some of the blame.  (Sending the message to students it’s okay to be wrong, as long as we use them as opportunities to grow and get better.)
  • Next, he fixed this by telling them exactly what they should do, and how to respond.
  • Last, he ends by giving them a chance to try it again in order to end on a successful note.
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