Building and Maintaining Culture

Aug 21, 2017 | by Janice Smith

Someone smart once described school culture to me like a garden. You’ve got to start by planting the seeds, but that’s only a smart part of the equation.  Reinforcing that culture every day in your classroom (or your school/staff if you’re a school leader) through both explicit lessons as well as teachable moments and consistent consequences (good and bad) is the only way to maintain strong culture throughout the year.

So before sharing this week’s video, a clip from the Collection titled ‘First Days of School: Culture‘ it’s important to add that little footnote.  Start strong, plan explicit lessons that help to establish and build the kind of culture you want in your classroom/school, but also keep in mind that a couple lessons in the first week of school isn’t a magic answer to strong yearlong culture- it’s just the starting point.

You can find more clips related to Culture, from throughout the year, in the library by doing a Framework search under the Culture bucket.


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