So I Can See Your Thinking

Mar 7, 2016 | by Janice Smith

Great teachers are constantly collective formative data on student mastery.  This can be done through intentional circulation and observation, using ‘fist to five’, exit tickets, or a quick ‘bopper’ check.  Take 30 seconds to watch Ms. Forte in this week’s VOTW, and read below for the 5 things we love about how she does this in her classroom!

Things We Love About This…

  • Constantly checking student understanding throughout a lesson to help guide your instruction doesn’t have to slow down the lesson or take forever.  This clip is less than 30 seconds long.
  • There’s something fun about calling them ‘boppers’ 🙂
  • Ms. Forte is always looking for and pushing towards 100%.  She immediately addresses a student whose bopper is not up all the way.
    • When doing this, she builds in ‘the why’, rather than just correcting it as if they’re misbehaving.
  • Right after she does this quick whole-class ‘bopper’ check, she then immediately moves to a higher level question (‘Now tell me why‘), and does this using Cold Call.  Yet another great way to randomly check student understanding.
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