I Care About You

Nov 30, 2015 | by Janice Smith

While we’ve shared lots of YES Prep clips over the past six months, we’re SO excited to announce that all of their clips from our Spring visit are now live in the Mission 100% video library! One of the best parts of all this new footage is the large amount we captured from high schools. So for all you high school teachers out there it’s worth a look!

So it only made sense that for this week’s VOTW we featured one of our favorite high school teachers over at YES Prep Brays Oaks, Erica Lapen. 9th grade ELA, her class included a lot of awesome stuff, from consistent written and verbal feedback on student work, rigorous student discussions as well as text analysis, and high school appropriate classroom management grounded in rigor.

This clip, however, is a bit different from all of those. Throughout the lesson we observed, and amidst pretty demanding work, Ms. Lapen made it clear that everything started with how much she cares about her students. As teachers we show this in many ways, but we loved these two moments we captured where she stepped aside from the academic work for a moment just to check in with students as individuals. Knowing about their lives, and taking the time to ask and check in about them, is such a valuable way to let them know they matter as people, not just as students.

Happy belated Thanksgiving 🙂

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