Celebrating Parents

Dec 13, 2016 | by Janice Smith

It’s almost the holiday break, and many of the schools we’ve visited over the past 3 1/2 years have had some sort of holiday performance or celebration with students and families.  And while these are often celebrations of our students (as they should be), this week we want to highlight the opportunities you have here to celebrate parents as well. In the first and second clips we hear from Eric & Carice Sanchez, Co-Founders of Henderson Collegiate, where they reinforce the importance of celebrating parents (and examples of how they do it), and in the third clip we see an example of Eric in action.

Eric says ‘We try to celebrate our parents, and what they do well, in an effort to just continuously raise the bar and share best practices.’  It is not just about gratitude (though gratitude is also equally important), but also shouting out parents in public settings, and specifically what they’ve done to help support their student.  These shout outs, just like with our students, can go a long way in providing other parents with ideas and ways to support their kids.  We love his suggestion that sharing best practices is not just about teachers, but about the community that is pushing our students to succeed.

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