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Jun 12, 2017 | by Janice Smith

It happens regularly that I’ll meet people for the first time, and when we begin chatting the topic of teaching comes up.  Sometimes it’s because they’re a teacher, or because they learn that I work in education.  This past weekend it was someone who was now an engineer, but had taken a two-year break to teach in Baltimore city schools several years back.  When she learned about Mission 100% she had lots of questions, and naturally the conversation gravitated towards classroom management.  This is often the case, as I find more often than not teachers who taught briefly, and often those who struggled, will most often want to discuss classroom management.

I find this so fascinating, because classroom management is one of the more complex skills to tackle with the videos we have in the library.  We’ve touched on this before, and again a couple months ago, but mostly this is because great classroom managers focus most of their energy in prevention and follow through, rather than having several magic tricks they implement every time a student makes a poor choice in class.  Great classroom management is a long game, and has a lot of moving pieces.

I love this interview with Nathaniel Snyder of KIPP WAYS Academy, because he touches on a lot of what makes his management style so effective. The most important things I hear him touch on here are:

  • The expectations are clear (building strong systems and routines can help with this
  • Consistent, clear consequences that address specific behaviors (logical responses, not emotional)
  • Reinforce positive choices following the consequence (and always)
  • Build strong relationships with students. 

You can find more from Nathaniel’s classroom by searching the Mission 100% video library for ‘Nathaniel Snyder‘!

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