Coaching Sessions: Modeling

May 9, 2016 | by Janice Smith

In our last Video of the Week we talked about building a culture of practice, and this week we’re showing you a glimpse of some of the footage we’ve collected recently showing this in action.  During my time as as Instructional Coach I remember how isolating it could be.  Your meetings were usually with teachers in private, it was highly unusual you ever got to observe another coach in action (in fact, many are lucky if there’s even other coaches in the building), and challenging to get feedback.  The idea of pulling back the curtain on this typically private practice in schools is so exciting, especially when kicking it off with someone as incredible as Siobhan Gardner (South Fulton Academy, Atlanta).

This week’s Video of the Week shows one portion of her coaching session, where she is modeling the technique she’s working on with the teacher she’s coaching.  In this particular session they’re working on strong questioning; keeping it rigorous by planning the questions and approach prior to the lesson.  Once you’ve checked out this clip, head to the library and check out others from the session, including how they sit together and tackle the planning process (something often skipped for the sake of time, but incredibly crucial in planning & executing truly rigorous lessons).

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