Crystal Clear Directions

Apr 11, 2016 | by Janice Smith

Last week we shared a clip from Ms. Thoi’s PE class, specifically how she transitions students to the gym.  As promised, this week we’ll share a follow up from her class showing how she keeps it tight and urgent beyond just the transition, into the introduction of new content.

When we think about getting 100% of students to meet your expectations throughout a lesson, I envision the following steps being necessary:

Step 1: Make sure you know exactly what you expect from students.  While planning your lesson, plan the transitions, the movement, throughout the lesson.  Envision what students should look and sound like during each part of instruction.

Step 2: Make sure you communicate these expectations to students.  Clearly.  Best is when you chunk them into small, clear steps that students can follow. When first working on this technique, scripting out your directions in your lesson plan is a must.

Step 3: Hold students accountable for meeting them.  This can include narrating the positive behaviors you’re seeing, individually correcting students who aren’t meeting them, or addressing the whole class. There are lots of different ways to do this, but making sure you hold them accountable is crucial for them meeting your expectations every time you state them.  (For more examples on this, browse the Framework for 100% under the tag ‘Addressing Behavior–>Responding to Misbehavior’).

In this clip we get to see Step 2 from several parts of Ms. Thoi’s PE class, so take a look!

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