Culture of Assessment

Mar 21, 2016 | by Janice Smith

Spring is officially here, and to many teachers across the country this means the beginning of testing season.  There are lots of mixed feelings out there about testing, and while we have many thoughts on this topic (see blog posts here, here and here) that’s not what this week’s video is about.  Because despite our opinions, it is real and required in almost all schools.  So the real question we should be focused on is ‘how do we make this the most valuable for our students?’.

This week’s VOTW was made in partnership with BEST NC and Big Dog Little Bed Productions this past year, where we traveled the state talking to teachers about how they build a strong culture of assessment in their classrooms.  We’re sharing today because we hope some of their strategies and ideas might help you as you enter the last few months of the school year*.

*It’s worth noting that the end-of-the-year is not the only time that we should be thinking about this, and many of these strategies are year-round strategies.  We’re sharing now because more of you are apt to be focused on this right now.  That said, we hope it will also be on your mind as you plan for the year ahead!

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