Culture of Error

Jan 19, 2015 | by Janice Smith

We can only imagine that many of you reading this are as excited about the recent release of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 as we are.  In fact, our’s arrived just last week and we’ve since spent much of our free time reading, studying and comparing notes with what we’ve been using since 2010 with version 1.0.

So this week in celebration, our Video of the Week is going to feature Technique #8 from the new book: Culture of Error.  Not far from Technique #49: Normalize Error in version 1.0, this has always been one of our favorites for building a growth mindset* in students, and creating a learning community where it’s okay to make mistakes.  Creating this culture is not just what we say to students, it’s also how we say it.  Keep that in mind while watching this week’s video, which is a great example of how our response to a mistake can set the tone for future mistakes.

And because we know a lot of our videos tend to focus on teacher actions, we couldn’t resist throwing in a second clip that focuses more on what an ideal student outcome looks like in a class/school with a strong culture of error.  In this clip Eric Sanchez, school leader of Henderson Collegiate, focuses on what the culture of error at his school does for his students.

*Want more about growth mindset?  Check out the Collection in the Mission 100% video library with a whole bunch of videos helping to instill the importance of a growth mindset in both our students and our teachers!

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