Data Collection, Analysis & DIFFERENTIATION

May 8, 2017 | by Janice Smith

Strong lesson differentiation can be something that’s challenging to capture on video, as much of it happens behind the scenes. It also is a cycle, with several moving parts:

  • Strong, objective aligned data collection.
  • Data analysis, helping to identify which students have mastered which objectives, and where misunderstandings and struggles are happening.
  • Providing feedback to students and carefully designing lessons that address misunderstandings (either through spiraling, reteaching, grouping or one-on-one work).

That said, over the past couple of years we’ve been able to capture some lesson differentation in action, and we’ve also gotten the chance to interview some teachers who will share with us how they approach differentiation in their classrooms.  We’ve added a new Collection in the Mission 100% video library called ‘Differentiation‘, where you can find 10+ clips that feature clips focused on differentiation from grades 2-12.  And here we’ll share one of our favorites, where we hear from Crystal Visperas, a HS ELA teacher at YES Prep Gulfton.

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