Data Driven Instruction (Practice)

Feb 21, 2017 | by Janice Smith

Last May we featured a collection of videos about data driven instruction, focused on the mindset and theory behind the practice.  In Part 1 (a collection titled ‘Data Driven Instruction: Theory) we focused on the mindset behind data driven instruction.  What teachers are thinking about as they plan for how to collect data, what do they do once they have the data, how do they communicate this transparently to students and families, and ultimately how they use this data to push all students towards mastery. You can still find those videos featured in the library in a collection called Data Driven Instruction (Theory).

And while data driven instruction remains controversial (think of the arguments around end-of-grade testing, data walls, etc.) we are convinced the conversation should be less about whether or not we should be collecting data (we should), but more about how we collect, communicate and use that data.

So today we’re building on that conversation and collection with a new collection titled Data Driven Instruction (Practice).  Less interviews (which are great for getting in the minds of excellent teachers), and more live video* from classrooms showing how they collect, organize and use data in their rooms.

*Please note, you will see a lot of examples of different classroom technology used to track data in these classrooms (clickers, apps, fingers, etc.).  We are not sponsoring or recommending any specific method, these are just the methods found effective by these particular teachers and schools. The idea is the same: find methods of instant data collection, and data organization, that work for you and use them.  The important piece is not the technology used to collect the data, it’s what you do with it once you have it.
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