Sep 8, 2015 | by Janice Smith

Joy is something we think and talk about a lot here at Mission 100%, because we think it’s such a crucial part of building a classroom and school culture where students love to be, and where they can view school and academics as the source of joy.  (Plus, we ourselves like to have fun, so why wouldn’t our students???)

Yet ‘Joy’ is not always as simple as doing ‘something that’s fun’ in the middle of a lesson.  In fact, we’ve actually done a session before on the 6 Levels of Joy, the highest of which we argue is where the Joy is found in the actual content, and mastery of content.  Even better if it involves struggle, mistakes, and ultimate triumph.  There is just as much joy in this for an individual student as there is in the opportunity to chant, sing or dance mid-lesson (and we think perhaps more important in the longer term).  That said, this does NOT mean that other kinds of joy should be forgotten.  In fact, we like to think of it as similar to Bloom’s Taxonomy, where we are always striving for the higher levels of joy (or questioning), while also recognizing the time and place for the other levels.  Perhaps this is something that deserves a longer blog post at some point…

In the meantime, we love this example of joy in a HS AP Calculus class.  I was smiling behind the camera when it happened, and still smile every time I watch it.  We love the way she reinforces ‘Format Matters’ by emphasizing in the classroom there are professional terms for what they are doing (in this case Differential Equations), while not squashing the joy this particular student finds in the Calculus slang he has developed.

Hope you enjoy this clip as much as you enjoyed your long weekend 🙂


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