Earn Your Tone

Oct 26, 2015 | by Janice Smith

Earn Your Tone

Ashley Johnson, Henderson Collegiate

Earlier this month I wrote about Tone, and the sometimes challenging process of quantifying exactly what makes ‘good’ tone vs. ‘bad’ teacher tone, despite acknowledging the importance of this in establishing a strong classroom culture as well as strong relationships with individual students.  Which got me thinking over the past several months more about this, and pushed me to select this clip for the Video of the Week.

Things we LOVE about what Ashley Johnson has to say about tone…

  • The way she grounds everything in the concept that we always have choices, and these choices determine outcomes.  Both in her classroom, but most importantly the world.
  • By framing the conversation around choices, ‘it helps them navigate where they go from here’.  It can be challenging for students, and adults, to know how to fix something when you’ve already made a mistake.  Reminding them they always have choices, and what those choices are in that moment, can help them know what the next step can look like.
  • :45- The idea that you can be super transparent with students, and tell them exactly what you need them to do, and what kind of response that will get helps them understand how their choices impact outcomes right in that very moment.
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