First & Last Five

Jun 6, 2016 | by Janice Smith

The ‘First Five’, or Do Now*, or Do First, is the chunk of time right at the start of a class period.  Most often used in Middle or High School, it provides an opportunity to do several things:

1) Set the tone for the class.  Students are often transitioning in from the hallway, and a concentrated period of focused work can help transition them more smoothly.

2) Review content from previous days, better preparing them to jump in that day.

3) Check homework/planners.  Or complete other housekeeping tasks like taking attendance.

4) Check in with individual students, if necessary.

5) Circulate and address any minor issues before class (uniform violations, bags out of place, materials that need to be put away, etc.)

In the new collection in the Mission 100% video library called ‘First & Last Five’ we visit with Mr. Hahn of KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, as he talks us through how he plans, introduces and implements his ‘First Five’, along with his ‘Last Five’.  Check out the first clip in the collection below, then visit the library to view the other three!


*You may remember we wrote about this once before in 2014… you can revisit Ms. Amar’s high school classroom during their Do Now HERE.

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