#Get Specific

Dec 8, 2014 | by Janice Smith

There’s a big difference between a ‘Great job’, and really specific positive narration.  We believe the latter is important for several reasons, and this week’s Video of the Week is a compilation of moments from Samantha Thomas’s Kindergarten classroom at Cornerstone Prep in San Jose.

Why Getting Specific matters…

1.  It provides an opportunity to reinforce exactly what’s expected, and what you want to see from every student.

2.  It makes positive feedback more genuine.  A ‘great job’ when overused can become meaningless.  When you add exactly what they’re doing, however, it’s clear that you actually mean it.  And students are more likely to repeat that action.

3. It’s an opportunity to reinforce both academic skills, as well as character and behavior.

A couple things to pay attention to…

1.  It must be a choice the student is making.  Even better when you include that language in your public narration.

2. Be as specific as possible.

3.  Make sure there’s a distinction in tone and verbal reward between meeting your expectations and exceeding your expectations.

The best part?  This is something that supers simple to start implementing immediately.  Don’t hesitate to add any of your own thoughts on #Get Specific in the comments below!


Did You Notice?

  • We’ve just added category tags to each of our blog posts. That means almost two years of posts, focusing on specific skills and videos, are now easy to search and use.  Check it out!
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