Is Growth Mindset Working?

Oct 17, 2016 | by Janice Smith

Yesterday an article was published on LinkedIn by the CEO of an EdTech company called Sown to Grow; it was called ‘Why Growth Mindset Isn’t Working In Schools…Yet.’  First, shout out for the title.  When I think about growth mindset the first word that comes to mind is the word ‘yet’, and the importance of using it more often (we actually blogged about this in August of last year).  Thanks to Tammi for this clip called ‘The Power of Yet’.

The takeaway we found most valuable from what Rupa has to say is that shifting mindsets require building new skills.  Students need to see, and experience, proof that they can actually succeed, not just hear us always reminding them that they can.

This is especially difficult when the right answer for all kids is not the same (which it rarely/never is).  For all students to experience this success it means we as teachers need to be good at not only assessing and diagnosing where each student is currently, but following up with differentiated instructions that helps ALL students experience growth (and ultimately success)- even when getting there looks different for each.  (Yet another reminder why great teaching is an art, a science and a super power.)

Would be curious to hear from others who think about/teach growth mindset in their schools.  Is it working?  Where do you see it is most successful?  What are these teachers doing differently?

For more on this topic (clearly this is something that comes up a LOT when interviewing effective teachers and leaders) check out the Collections we’ve created around this in the Mission 100% library.  One is the power of reinforcing a growth mindset in our classrooms (Growth Mindset: For Students) and one is the importance of instilling an equally strong growth mindset in our teachers (Growth Mindset: For Teachers).

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