The Importance of Mindset

Oct 27, 2014 | by Janice Smith


We think and reflect constantly on the mindsets of the teachers we study, watch and capture here in the Mission 100% library.  While ultimately it’s their actions that are impacting students and how much they are able to learn and grow within a year, we know that these actions are a direct result of the mindsets they carry into the building and their work every single day.

So in our Framework (the Framework for 100%), we’ve intentionally created a tag for Teacher Mindset, which is also broken down into hashtags for each of the mindsets we’ve found that the best teachers share.   We’ve learned over the past year that interviews are often the best way to both discover these mindsets, as well as reinforce what we’ve already seen in our own experiences teaching and coaching.

So this week we’d love to share a couple interviews with three incredible educators (an 8th grade English teacher, a School Leader, and a HS Choir instructor as well as Assistant Principal).  You can also head to the library to view more videos by each of them so you can see how these mindsets play out in their classrooms.

*See an example of how Ms. Cirino does this in her classroom with this Video of the Week from a month ago.


After taking a look, we’d leave to hear your thoughts in the comments.  What are the crucial mindsets you’ve seen in the most successful teachers?


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