Lesson Flow

Jun 8, 2015 | by Janice Smith

Over the past two years we’ve regularly struggled with the question of long vs. short clips.  Short was the original vision, allowing school leaders and coaches to show quick, targeted clips highlighting a very specific skill.  The more targeted, the easier it is to study the small details, practice and figure out what this looks like in your classroom.  Yet as you can imagine, there are many pieces of highly effective teaching that are nearly impossible to show in a short 1 minute clip.  Teacher mindset is a great example we’ve talked about in the past.  Lesson design and flow is another great one.

So in recent months we’ve begun creating longer, compilation clips with many moments from within a lesson, as well as Collections of short clips that together give more context and a deeper look at what that teacher is doing.  This week’s VOTW comes from Jennifer Freeman’s classroom at KIPP STRIVE Academy in Atlanta.  To give a little extra context (cause we love bragging on our teachers), her students have earned the highest science test scores in the state of Georgia, and she has been recognized for her work in driving that with both the KIPP Harriet Ball Excellence in Teaching Award as well as the Atlanta Family Excellence in Teaching Award.  So if there was ever someone to teach us about solid flow of a lesson to engage students and push towards mastery of an objective, it’s probably Ms. Freeman.

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