Making Good Use of Transition Time

Feb 27, 2017 | by Janice Smith

I’ve seen tight transitions in a lot of classrooms.  Students are doing what they’re supposed to, they’re putting things away, getting out new things, moving around the classroom… you get the idea.  The question I often ask is why they’re doing it.

Welcome back to Taro Shigenobu’s 8th grade science classroom in Henderson, NC, where we see a transition between portions of class.  Students aren’t moving anywhere, but they are clipping away past work (I believe it was the Do Now), and moving on to new work (I believe the intro to new material).  It’s clear that this is a routine that’s done often, and I love that providing an incentive (participating in academic battles) means you almost never see him correcting students, or encouraging them to ‘be urgent’. Instead, he provides them reasons to be urgent.  Plus, the fact that these incentives remain grounded in the content models the idea that there is no time to waste.

Take a look and then check out more examples in the Tight Transitions collection over in the Mission 100% video library.

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