Ms. Johnson LOVES to Read

Aug 28, 2017 | by Janice Smith

Over the last two weeks we’ve featured clips from two of our ‘First Days of School’ collections (‘FDoS: Culture‘ and ‘FDoS: Systems & Routines‘). Today we’re featuring a clip from the third, a collection called ‘First Days of School: Expectations‘. This clip features Ashley Johnson, former reading teacher & current School Leader.


Things We Love About this Clip…

  • Ms. Johnson is combining two things here: 1) she’s working on setting and reinforcing expectations around how you answer questions in her classroom.  Everything from how you raise your hands to participate, to how you answer that question when you’re called on, to how you track the speaker if you’re not called on.   2) setting expectations for the love of reading that will be found in this room.  Not only by modeling this herself, but also by asking a question that pushes students to think about what books they love reading the most.
  • The wait time she’s using here (:33) is narrated and helps to build the energy and excitement around reading.
  • ‘Without Apology’ is one of my favorite techniques from Teach Like a Champion, and I love when I find great examples of what it looks like in action.  While it’s easy to talk about what ‘Without Apology’ doesn’t look like (blaming the content, assuming students will think it’s boring, apologizing for having to ‘get through something’ before you move on to something more fun/exciting), it can sometimes be harder to clearly explain what it does look like.  This clip is a great example of how Ms. Johnson sets the tone for how reading will be talked about in her classroom throughout the year.


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