Planning Purposeful Procedures

Jul 24, 2017 | by Janice Smith

In our last Video of the Week we discussed the value in writing your assessments first, right alongside your scope & sequence and unit plans.  This week, as you think about how to best use your remaining summertime (aside from taking advantage of some poolside reading and sleeping in) we’re going to feature a video from the collection ‘First Days of School: Routines & Procedures‘.  In the Mission 100% library there are several collections focused on the First Days of School, and this one focuses on the mindset behind building strong classroom systems. In additions to the clips, you’ll also find a Systems & Routines Brainstorming worksheet attached to the Collection. Make sure not to miss that after watching the clips!

In this clip, Ashley Johnson (former Reading teacher, now School Leader of Henderson Collegiate Elementary School) discusses the delicate balance of spending class time in the first weeks of school on both building strong routines as well as establishing strong classroom culture.

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