The Power of Nonverbal Communication

Sep 22, 2014 | by Janice Smith


While it is certainly necessary to speak in our classrooms when teaching and correcting student behavior, I find it just as fascinating to study how teachers take advantage of nonverbal cues. Giving directions, correcting students, encouraging students, and simply physical proximity. All of these can be used to improve talk ratio, increase clarity, and send the message to students that we care about them while also serious about holding them accountable to high expectations.

This week’s clip is incredible because:

1) It features an alumni of the school (KIPP Gaston College Preparatory) who has now returned to teach there after graduating college, and

2) He does an incredible job of using nonverbal signals to correct students, while at the same time exuding positive energy and love for them.

Plus, we’re using EdPuzzle again, ironically enough with the audio narration tool! Seriously worth a look. We’re pretty smitten with this tool (and Mr. Squire rocking the non-verbals).

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