Quick Redirects

Jun 2, 2014 | by Janice Smith

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When talking about 100%, especially with relation to behavior expectations, the biggest question/pushback I usually hear is about pacing.  “How do I correct everything, and wait every time I don’t have 100%, and yet still get through the lesson?”  This question is also (I would guess) the #1 reason many teachers don’t implement 100% on a regular basis.

And while the answer isn’t easy, it is important.  Which explains not only why we love this clip, but also why we’ve chosen it as Video of the Week.

Why we love it so much…

  • In 45 seconds we see Ms. Hall address three different small misbehaviors, non-verbally, ensuring that 100% of her students are meeting her expectation.
  • By correcting non-verbally not only does she let it happen quickly, but she never disrupts the flow of the lesson or her concentration on the students she’s talking to.
  • Non-verbal quick corrections also keep the energy positive.  It’s less a correction and more a quick reminder of how they should be sitting, where they should be looking, and what they should be thinking about.
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