Sweating the Small Stuff

Sep 13, 2014 | by Janice Smith

Three reasons you should be pumped about this week’s Video of the Week:

1)  We’re integrating a great new tool we discovered from EdPuzzle, which allows you to add questions (CFU’s) or comments right in the video.  This also lets us keep these emails a whole lot shorter 🙂  (A piece of feedback we’ve been working on for some time, but struggle with since teaching is so complex and fascinating!)  So if you’re one of those who reads this email every week but rarely clicks on the link, this might be the week to click!

2) It builds off of last week’s video talking about the importance of data transparency with students, as this week we see Ms. Cirino first introducing how students will update their AR tracker in her classroom.

3) It’s a great example of sweating the small stuff, and pushes us all to think about how important this is, what it looks like, and the many places in our classroom we should be applying it.

Wanna see/read more on sweating the small stuff?  Check out our past blog posts on the topic:


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