Systems Behind Data Driven Instruction

May 1, 2017 | by Janice Smith

A couple months ago we created two collections focused on data (‘Data Driven Instruction (Theory)’ and ‘Data Driven Instruction (Practice)’).  In the conversation around this topic, one piece that isn’t discussed enough is the systems we create to make data driven instruction more meaningful, and ultimately less time consuming.  Making sure that every lesson, classwork and homework is aligned to an objective that you’re ultimately measuring mastery of (both formally and informally) is no small task, and creating systems around this not only makes it more manageable that year, but also easier for you to find and improve on moving forward.

Today’s clip comes from the DDI (Practice) collection, and is an interview with Sharon Levine as she discusses how she handles part of this challenge.  We are working on a document with some best practices around these systems, and would love to hear from teachers as to what works best for them.  Feel free to drop me an email if you’re willing to share (

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