Teaching Systems & Routines

Aug 7, 2017 | by Janice Smith

Two weeks ago we blogged about the planning part of routines & procedures.  This week’s Video of the Week is from our collection titled ‘First Days of School: Systems & Routines‘, where we feature over 20 clips from classrooms across the country where teachers are teaching and using systems in their classrooms.  In this clip, Michael Fairbanks discusses his classroom transitions and why making them tight is so important to maximizing their class time.  In order to create strong systems & routines (and keep them that way!) so much of the work happens on the first days of school when students use them for the very first time.  How are you introducing the routines to them?  How do they practice them?  When practicing, what does correction and positive reinforcement look like?

In this clip, Michael Fairbanks (1st grade) discusses transitions specifically, and we then see him in action. If you head to the full collection, you’ll then see a clip showing his transition from the rug to desks. Notice how he clarifies his expectations of exactly what they’re doing, how quickly he corrects them when it’s not perfect and has them do it again, and how he specifically calls out students who are doing a great job (and what exactly they did, so that others can replicate that behavior).  Plus, and perhaps my favorite part, is he makes transitions fun for his students.  It’s not a chore, it’s not another rule to follow, it’s a fun challenge.

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