Try Again

Mar 23, 2015 | by Janice Smith

Every time we sit down with a school leader or teacher to talk about anything, a question we always ask is ‘What skills are you focusing on with your teachers right now?’  This helps us know exactly which content will be helpful to the most people, and add to our ever-growing list of what we want to capture.  The #1 answer to that question?  100%.  Ensuring that 100% of students are meeting expectations, following directions, engaged, learning, and ultimately mastering content.

So this short clip is a great example of one technique that we call ‘Try Again’, and TLAC calls ‘Do It Again’.  Three things that we love about how Mr. Fairbanks executes it:

  • How quickly he has them repeat the action.  Very little time is wasted, and he maintains a sense of urgency.
  • Quick feedback is offered each time on what exactly they need to change when doing it again. (:13, :22 and :35)
  • At :25 how he takes a second to recognize those that nailed it the first time around.

Want more?  Head to the Mission 100% video library and go to Collections.  You’ll find a collection called ‘Getting 100%’ where we’ve put together 7 clips that show a variety of techniques used to get 100%, including ‘Try Again’.

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