Every Minute Matters

Feb 3, 2014 | by Janice Smith

VIDEO TITLE: Every Minute Matters

TEACHER: Ashley Johnson

SCHOOL: Henderson Collegiate


  • One of the things we love most about Henderson Collegiate is the incredible sense of urgency you see in every classroom at the school.  This clip is from Ms. Johnson’t 5th grade reading class on the first day of school, and we see how she explicitly teaches the value of urgency in the form of a math equation.
  • There are so many different techniques integrated into this clip!  This isn’t unusual in Ms. Johnson’s class, however.  In fact, almost every clip from her room has at least three tags, as she’s constantly thinking about the teacher actions that will maximize student engagement, mastery and build classroom culture.  See if you can find all the techniques we found…

Take a look…

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