Framing the Lesson

Mar 3, 2014 | by Janice Smith

Video Title: Framing the Lesson

Teacher: Emily Skiba

School: YES Prep North Central


  • INSTRUCTION- Execution- Execution of a Plan- #Opening
  • INSTRUCTION– Execution- Execution of a Plan- #Framing the Lesson
  • CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT- Addressing Behavior- Key Messages- #This is Important
  • CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT- Addressing Behavior- Key Messages- #You Can & Will Master This
  • CULTURE- Staff Culture- Teacher Mindset- #It Is My Job to Get Them There

Why we love it so much…

It has been said that the most important parts of a lesson are the opening and closing.  If students remember only two things from a lesson, odds are good it will come from the opening and the closing.  So it’s well worth it to invest some time in making them as impactful as possible.

In this clip, we see Emily Skiba open class by giving context to what they’re working on that day, and why they’re revisiting it.  The way she messages this underlines the key message that ‘This is Important’, and that ‘You Can & Will Master This’.  If we didn’t master it before, we’re going to get in some more practice and make sure we master it this time.

The piece that I value the most about this, however, can’t be pinpointed to a specific timestamp.  Instead, it’s the teacher mindset that goes behind her decision to spiral and review a concept from a previous lesson.  This tells me a couple things:

1) She is constantly checking for student understanding, and left that lesson with some evidence of student mastery.

2) She is owning the results in her classroom.  Her decision to push towards 100% mastery in day two tells me she believes all of her students are capable of it, and that it’s her job to get them there.  We see this implemented following this opening, as she has designed another lesson providing students more, and different, opportunities to practice and master.

What do you love about this clip???

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