Why Writing Assessments First is a Game Changer

Jul 10, 2017 | by Janice Smith

It’s summertime, and while it’s (hopefully) full of pool time and hard-earned vacations, I also know that most teachers out there are also working hard on preparing their classes for the upcoming school year.  And while most are likely writing/tweaking their Scope & Sequences, as well as Unit Plans, Brett Noble (a recent TNTP Fishman Prize winner!) is here to tell us why it’s so important that you’re also spending some energy on creating your assessments.

Head on over to the Mission 100% video library and view the Collection titled ‘Course Planning: Scope & Sequence‘ to see not just this clip, but others focused on how to plan for the year ahead.  Don’t miss the attachments, which include Scope & Sequence templates, as well as sample planning documents from some of our favorite teachers.

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