Written & Verbal Feedback

May 21, 2015 | by Janice Smith


While visiting YES Prep, and filming nearly 40 different teachers, we couldn’t help but notice trends.  And this week we want to share with you one of our favorites, which we saw in literally every ELA classroom we captured.  In each, the majority of the lesson was spent with students working (reading, writing, discussing), and the teacher either watching or facilitating with questions.  ‘Watching’ however is probably not the right word.  They were studying exactly what students were saying, doing, and thinking, with the goal of checking their understanding, identifying misconceptions, and finding spots to push, either closer to mastery or to raise the level of thought and discussion.  This feedback was provided to students constantly, in a lot of different ways.  Some verbal and immediate, some written, some individual and some to the whole class.

While we will have lots of examples to show, this is one of our favorites from Erica Lapen’s 9th grade ELA classroom.  She used a lot of different methods throughout the lesson, and this clip puts all these examples together so you can see the frequency and diversity in how she does it.

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